UwaaaaaAAAA.... 2-3 LOST to Korea... DAMN!!!

I am so excited that today my beloved country Badminton team will begin their challenge in the Sudirman Cup team event. They'll go against the hard-to-beat rival the South Korean..

Obviously, it is Kien Keat the one that i am eager to see him playing. I was sure that Rexy Mainaky won't choose him as the Mixed Doubles player because he wanted to see him fit enough for the Men Doubles. BUT..... He turned out as the first player to pair up with Wong Pei Tty as the national first pair to match against the Korean. The game ended up in rubber set. Arghhh.... as expected... They lost.. Ya la.. Up against the Olympic Champion.. What else to expect?? But i just did not stop hoping that things will be better for the next 4 games..

And yess... The second game, as usual Datuk Lee Chong Wei was the roaring tiger that set the hope high for the team. He beat the Korean in straight set to tie up 1 - 1..
And guess what the most unexpected sequence of the matches happened.. The men doubles was the third games to commence. What the.....
Kien Keat and Young Dae were on the court in less than 30 minutes before. And they have to compete again? Of course the stress will be on the Malaysian side. They lost during their last meeting. For sure they were hoping to regain their pride. But... They seemed so uneasy on court. Both Kien Keat and Boon Heong. I don't know why. I pray hard that he'll win somehow. In the second game when hope to see them bringing the game into the rubber and deciding game seemed to be alive, they tumbled down... Arghhhhh................. I wanna cry... Really i did...

But I know, there were still two more games remaining. Mew Choo and Ei Hui&Pei Tty can keep the dream alive. Yes.. I believed they could.. And Mew Choo although she seemed kind of tired and restless to have to be playing in three breath-taking games against the young Korean, but she nailed it. and This time it's 2-2....

And, the last game commenced, Ei Hui& Pei Tty should never have any problems to win actually. But i did know what exactly bothered their minds. They couldn't focus on the game. They were the favourite to win. But they screwed up everything. They wasted so many precious chances to steal the point from the Korean. And what more can i say? They lost to the Korean. And the final result was Malaysia 2 - 3 South Korean.

Not that i wanna blame anybody on the lost. The damage has been done. But we can't continue on grumbling upon the lost that we had. Yes we lost. But, what most important is that we find the most effective solution to cure the wound. We should be able to win the next two matches against Hong Kong and Denmark. But before that could happen, they are many things that have to be taken into consideration in choosing the best strategies to make sure that the hope to be in the Final remained alive and to make the nation proud.


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