TROUBLED ME… Urghhh… The telephone line….

Today is May 14th....

Today I was so angry that I only had less than an hour to go on the net. I hate to say this but this was obviously caused by my father ‘omniscient’ act yesterday. He cut off the telephone connection wire just because of the bulldozer that came to clear up my front yard… What the…. Urghhh…. When he rejoined the wires those line seemed to be okay for awhile… and then, when I was so enjoyed on the line… Popped, it suddenly cut off.. Damn… I didn’t know how long I have to suffer from not being able to go online…I desperately need the internet… Hopefully I can get the line fixed by tomorrow… actually I am not the one that should take the responsibility. It is my father’s… he needs to get it fixed A.S.A.P…..

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