I hate to CRY because of happiness and sadness at the same time....

I was so happy today that my Kien Keat and the Malaysian Team in general won their matches against Hong KOng... But at the same time I was terribly sad that my beloved cat died. He was knocked down by a car. I heard the sound of the car hit something. But i just don't wanna think of the worse. And by the time i was about to cheer that Kien Keat won, i heard my brother said that my cat died. DAMN!!!!! i wish that the driver that hit my cat will die in a terrible car crashed that his or her eyes will come out exactly the way my cat died. SHIT..... I hate to curse people like this but i just can't take it. This was too much. It is almost impossible that they can't see him. He was white, pure white. Although there is no light at all, i was still able to see him lah wei.... B*** betul... (Sorry that i cursed)

Now, i can only see him in the pictures. Theere is no more a cat that is so tame and enjoy to play with. He was so cute and never cause a trouble. He love to kiss people and play with us. He was so easy to call, he listened to what we said. He just too good a cat.. I am too sad because he died just a day after we believed that another cat, Lala died. She went out three days ago. And never comes back. She didn't eat anything that morning before she left. And she was sick too. Therefore, there is no hope that she is still alive. But the saddest part was, her body was yet to be found. I just do not have the idea where she died. Oh my Allah.. Give us the strength...

In loving memory of Putih and Lala....

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