May 14th 2009....

Today was the 5th day of the tournament. And Malaysia went down to the court as the stronger team against Denmark because they had lost the desirable services of Peter Gade Hoeg Christensen and Tine Rasmussen out of their migraine and injuries respectively. Thus, this was the greatest opportunity that Malaysia had been waiting for. To go to their very first Sudirman Cup’s semi-final. This was indeed a good success that had been achieved although the earlier hope suggest that they might have a slightly easier route to final if they had beaten the Korean… But yes, past is past, what we have is the future. Therefore the Malaysian camp should be mentally and physically prepared to go against the so called ‘giant’ China. They could have been the greatest of all time but I strongly believe that if ever our players play their best and the day they are playing is just their day –Malaysia will surely outplay the Chinese.. I will never stop praying hard for my beloved Koo Kien Keat and his partner, as well as all other Malaysian player. Because I realized that, when it is a team match, everybody has to play their part. Everybody needs to take responsibility upon whatever circumstances that will come their way.

I want to see my ‘him’ playing as he played today… he was considered as ‘almost faultless’ by the commentators today. I knew that this is kind of too much but obviously he deserved a huge round of applause for all the killing motion that he did today. He and Boon Heong was so dynamic and just play the way they were playing back to the times when they were World #1… I know that he might not know how hard I prayed for him, or how enthusiastic I become whenever I see him playing and how speechless I am when he was down to the opponent even for just one point…but I will keep on praying, supporting and believing in him. I will be the most loyal fan than never will stop supporting him, till the end of my life. I swear… By the name of ALLAH that he will forever be in my heart… I hope that he’ll know what I feel and I will be able to make him my real him… Amen….

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