I am missing all my buddies...

Today... it has been two weeks since i last been with all my girlfriends and boyfriends... Lemme name them

1. Nuwul
2. Jawe
3. Wadhi
4. Fana
5. Kak Ras
6. Balkis
7. Ewan
8. Chegu din

this is US....

These are the people that i think are the closest to me since i entered this course five years ago... and there are few more....

Jeepa, Pelut, Miwul, Yvonne, Jowie, Jasmit, Amanda... and many more lah... I guess i miss all my classmates... except --> The cockroach.. Yucks...

I think i have contacted almost all the names that i have mentioned above during these two weeks.. and yes.. some of them does reply to me and tell me how the are doing and living... and some of them don't.. huhu~

but it's okay to me.. as long as i know that they are still alive and will be meeting me back in two months time... and yes.. I think i'm gonna meet my girlfriends during my sisters' wedding by the end of this month. But i don't know whether Nuwul can make it or not. This is because she is teaching now... Hopefully she'll come..

I miss you guys....

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