Twisted Fate... Hate it to the MAX!!!!

ZUMA: I finally succeed in my mission to accomplish all the stages in this game...

BADMINTON: I cried so loud that my Zulkarnain screwed up his game and ended his campaign in Singapore Open... S***!!!!

I DON'T UNDERSTAND why i always come into this situation. I was so happy just a few moments before and then when i was about to share the happiness with some other people... The unwanted SADNESS and DESTROYING moment comes to me... I really feel like cursing myself for all these stupid things.

Takkanlah sebab aku wish best of luck malam tadi... All these become a CURSE to him? Arghhhh.....
So hard for me to accept this fact..

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5 Inspirational Words:

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Now that's what you call a tragedy!

Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

My sympathy to you.

deeyah said...

Manda: uwaa...... kejam2 hidup
ini... Lucky got somebody cheer me up last night... hehehe :p

Shah: Tq, shah.. huhu~

kei-1 said...

"hope is the beginning of all despair" Warhammer 40 000 Space Marine Codex

deeyah said...

that's so true kei... huhuhu~
but somehow or rather.. hope is the one thing that keeps ppl alive... huhu~