Life isn't A Bed of Roses

Life is something meant to be cherished not to be mourned about...
It is true to a certain extent. However there are still many things that make people think life isn't a bed of roses.
Whenever we think that we have all the good things in the world to make us happy there will be some hindrances that come our way. It will make us think that we are just too unlucky to have what others have... and this is always related to something that we called L.O.V.E!!!!

Many people always regard love as something that keep themselves alive. Something that lead them to wonderland. Something that take them away from misery and troubles. People are ready to drown in a ship called L.O.V.E. They are willing to sacrifice everything just to keep the hope of living together alive and they are also willing to give up any other things as long as they can keep the person they love happy. That's what L.O.V.E means to human. This makes them think that Life is bed of roses when they get whatever they want and be loved by the person they love. 

L.O.V.E and ME is never in a good term... I have people that I used to love, that I still love and I will forever love. But I just find it hard to get it expressed. Not that I did not try.. Just that I choose not to express it. For I know that L.O.V.E isn't something that I should trust. Therefore, I had rather keep it for myself. I will never want it to be exposed to the person that I loved and love. And a few days ago, again, I was hurt by someone that I almost called as lover. People know my feeling for him, and I guess he can feel it too. But he was just too dumb to realize what I feel for him.. But I don't wanna blame him for that... He has no reason to like me either... I know that damn well!

to those who are reading this post... Feel free to express your feeling... Don't let your love die alive in you just like mine. Tell the person you love what you feel for them... And LIVE your L.O.V.E till the day you breathe your last breath... Muchas SUERTE!

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