List of Poetry that awaits this 2010 ...

  1. To See The World In a Grain of Sand by William Blake.
  2. Pied Beauty by Gerard Manley Hopkins
  3. God Grandeur by Gerard Manley Hopkins.
  4. Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen
  5. The Soldier by Rupert Brooke
  6. Blackberry Eating by Galway Kinnell’s
  7. Resume by Dorothy Parker
  8. The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden
  9. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love by Christopher Marlowe
  10. Ode To The West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  11. Birches by Robert Frost
  12. Stopping By The Wood On a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
  13. Mending Wall by Robert Frost
  14. Design by Robert Frost
  15. I Heard a Fly buzz when - I died by Emily Dickinson
  16. Success is counted sweetest by Emily Dickinson
  17. Because I could not stop for Death - by Emily Dickinson
  18. The Soul selects her own society - by Emily Dickinson
  19. The Waking by Theodore Roethke
  20. The Man He Killed by Thomas Hardy
  21. Ballard of Birmingham by Dudley Randall
  22. Morning Song by Sylvia Plath
  23. Porphyria’s Lover by Robert Browning
  24. My Last Duchess by Robert Browning
  25. La Belle Dame San Merci – A Ballad by John Keats
  26. Ode to a Grecian Urn by John Keats
  27. Ode To Autumn by John Keats
  28. Bright Star by John Keats
  29. Bonny Barbara Allan by Anonymous
  30. That Time of Year Thou Mayst In Me Behold by William Shakespeare
  31. My Mistress’s Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun by William Shakespeare

P/S: How to EAT these poems???? OMG I stumbled the moment I saw the numbers....

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